If Walls Could Talk | AJ & Daniel | Whidbey Island Photographer

I have long been intrigued by historic places, particularly homes that have been abandoned. There's something so beautiful and melancholy about seeing a structure that once provided shelter and comfort, now being run down by nature's elements.  The first time I passed by The Ferry House in Coupeville, I pulled my car to the side of the road to take a closer look.  There it stood, dark and solitary, with the ocean in the background providing such serenity.  I did some research about it, talked to rangers (to verify it was alright to walk the property) and mentally kept it in the back of my brain as a photo backdrop if I ever met the right couple.

Then, earlier this summer I met AJ, a Port Townsend artist who arranged a family portrait session as a gift for her mother.  Not only was she wonderful to work with and ridiculously photogenic, but she had such a unique style and vibe that had a combination of mystery & vintage, I knew the Ferry House would be an awesome backdrop for future shoots.  Newlywed to husband Daniel, we all met up at Ebey's Landing for this October session.  The air was crisp, the sky was dark, and it was relatively quiet over this eerie house.  It was so fun getting to know AJ more and hearing about their relationship.  I so enjoyed this session, and look forward to discovering more historic locations with stories to tell.