Autumn on the Island | Deception Pass Family Photography | Anacortes, WA

After moving to Oak Harbor, I heard the term "island time" get tossed around quite often...especially when comparing to the mainland.  It was used to describe why movers were late, or the line at the post office, or even service at a local restaurant.  But in our household, "island time" has a completely different meaning.  It means lunch breaks picnicking at Joseph Whidbey State Park.  It means losing track of time eating local ice cream while watching jets fly overhead.  It's exploring trails with the family until you have to pause just to watch the most magnificent sunset.

Both Erick and Caitlin grew up on Whidbey Island, and are now raising their son here.  Talking to them about their childhood in this location really reaffirmed how happy I am to have this be the place that our kids will spend their youth.  It was a gorgeous night at Deception Pass, and we explored several areas of the park together.  Maddox was the star of the show, with huge smiles and laughs for mom and dad.  So stinking cute.  

I loved getting to know them as a family, and spending this "island time" with them.  What a beautiful crew!