Elizabeth & Justin | Fort Casey State Park | Whidbey Island Couple's Photography

I thought I loved a Whidbey Island sunset...until I got up early enough to photograph a Whidbey Island sunrise!  Holy moly!  I first met Liz when I shot some bridal stylized portraits for her back in the fall.  She's was so fun to work with, so I was really looking forward to meeting her husband and two pups for a family session.  With various work schedules, sunrise was the time that worked best for the couple, and even though it was ridiculously frigid outside, the sun hit those clouds and lit up the entire sky.  I actually think the wind worked in our favor as it gave such life to the pictures, (and being behind the camera, you couldn't see the mascara running down my face from the bitter cold...hah!)  Luckily these two were totally game for a walk down to the beach and through the driftwood to get some cool shots.  To stay distracted from the cold, we just talked snowboarding and skiing...(which is something that I still need to do this season) and other outdoor adventures.  In the end, I think the hypothermia was worth it because I just love the way the photos came out.  Thanks for the great session guys!