Megan & Bryant | Cliffside NAS Whidbey Island | Oak Harbor Couples Photography

Guys, it's a small, small world. We moved to Whidbey Island from Oklahoma this past summer, and part of the "settling in" process has been finding great people to help out with our twins while Kristopher is away and I have a session or other obligation.  And I'm gonna be honest...finding someone you trust with your kiddos is no easy thing!  Through a local community FB page, I somehow was connected with Megan and soon found out that not only did Kris fly in the same squadron (and was buddies!) with her husband's brother in Oklahoma City, but I also photographed her in-laws wedding in Las Vegas...a wedding that she was at.  So technically we'd already crossed paths before....just in a completely different place, and with no knowledge!  (Are you following me?  It's kind of confusing when you spell it out like that...)

Anyway!  I am so so so happy to have connected with these two here.  Not only because Megan's awesome and my twins love her, but because it was also great photographing her husband Bryant and pup down at Cliffside for some holiday photos.  It's always fun when the people you're working with are just cool.  Hope ya'll enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them!