Calling the North Home | Oak Harbor, WA | J Hodges Photography

How is it already October?  For pretty much the first time since we moved in June, the blue skies and crystal clear views of the mountains have been swapped for that Washington Sate rain we were warned about...but you know what, we still love it!  Iced lattes have been traded for hot peppermint tea, beach wear now consists of puffy vests and cozy boots, and we're finally getting to test out the new fireplace.  We're starting to catch a routine here, and Oak Harbor is really feeling like home.  The beauty of this place still astounds us, and Kris and I spend most of our free time loading up the swag-wagon (aka mini-van) with the kiddos and checking out new places.  (Really putting that "Discover Pass" to good use.)  I'm consistently on the hunt for new locations for engagement and family shoots, and I'm really trying to be better at bringing my camera out to capture pictures of my own kids playing around.  But that's easier said than done because 1) that camera is HEAVY and 2) the girls love their new found independence and when I'm behind the lens it's much harder to instruct them to get out of the water or stop throwing sand in your sister's face...)

We miss our Oklahoma friends something fierce....(ya'll know who you area!  But we're so excited to show you guys around when you come to visit!)  But we've also met some awesome people here, and are so grateful for new friendships!  Kris is staying busy with work, finally back from all his cross country transition travels and moves, and is flying he's a happy camper!  I've had a number of shoots on this end, and I am seriously so excited to continue meeting new clients and exploring The Pacific Northwest with them.   And the girls, well, they're awesome.  They make us laugh all the time with the things they say and their new sassy mannerisms.  And while their personalities are completely different, they both love being together all the time...(ok 95% of the time...) which, as a mom, makes my heart more than full!)  Here are a few snaps of our Whidbey Island adventures so far.