Welcome Home VP-40 | NAS Whidbey Island | Military Homecoming Photography

One of the realities of military life is facing separation for a period of time from loved ones.  And it's tough.  So after almost 7 months apart, it was bound be a happy reunion when VP-40 came home!  Katie and her wife are dual military, and when she asked me to photograph their homecoming, I couldn't wait.  (Happy occasions are the best!)  Unfortunately, one of the other realities of military life is that plans change...a lot.  And after waiting in the hangar for the plane to land, we learned that circumstances prevented the aircraft to come back to Oak Harbor.  Fast forward to a few days later, and we gathered together again to welcome the squadron home...and when it landed, well that was a special moment.  (I need to invest in waterproof mascara!)  As the first person walked down the steps of the plane, you could see his daughter sprinting across the way to her dad's open arms.  Tears, laughs, hugs from everyone....it was awesome.  And watching Kate and Katie reunited again was so great too.  Finally being back together with the person you love...that's an amazing feeling.  I'm so happy to have been a part of this day.  To Kate and the rest of VP-40, welcome home!