Stone Family | Deception Pass | Oak Harbor Holiday Photography

It's Washington State...and I had to kill a good 25 minutes with this couple because there was actually too much sun....whaaaattt?  I try to time these things out pretty well to give pictures that unbeatable "sunsety" glow, while making sure we have plenty of time to shoot.  It's a fine line, but with all these overcast days we've had, I've been starting on the earlier side to accommodate.  But Friday was, well it was beautiful!  We're talking blue skies, perfect temperature, pure awesome.  But delaying a few minutes was actually pretty enjoyable because I got to know this cool couple, who are brand new (even newer than me!) to the Island, traveling coast to coast from Jacksonville.  Kristen and Jason were a fun pair to hang out with, and they even brought their two dogs to join in the family photos.  (Remarkably well behaved and photogenic dogs, I may add!)  Spending part of my Friday evening waterside at a beautiful State Park with jets flying overhead, shooting these 4 was the perfect way to start the weekend!