What to Wear to Your Enagement Shoot - J Hodges Photography

You're in love.  You're engaged.  Now it's time to take some photos to celebrate!  But what to wear?  And what will look best on camera?  One of the most common emails I get are from couples looking for advice on how to dress, so I've come up with a list of Do's and Don'ts to get you camera-ready for your love-story debut!

Dressing the Part

Keep it Simple - There are so many gorgeous natural landscapes here on Whidbey Island, and nothing compliments the countryside like neutrals and pastels.  Try to stay away from busy prints and patterns, and keep it mainly to solids.  Skirts and dresses are generally more flattering than pants for the ladies, and we can have lots of fun if we pass the "twirl-test."  (When you spin, does it flow around you?  Awesome!)  However, I'm always a fan of the cute jeans and button down shirt for a more relaxed look. Guys, stick to pants (or kilts even) but don't do shorts.  Trust me on this one.  

Be Comfortable - You want to look yourself and feel your best!  Wear something that you love, and that makes you feel like a million bucks!  As far as shoes go, while heels look great in photos, keep in mind that in order to get that beautiful Pacific Northwest shot, we'll be trekking around a bit.  Go for a combo of comfort and style there.  Wedges and even cute cowboy boots can be great alternatives to stilettos. 

Go Opposites - We'll have enough time for an outfit change, so shake things up a bit and go for a different look!  If your first outfit is a more casual look, switch it up to a more formal one for the second.  Save your favorite outfit for the latter...the longer we go, the more beautiful the lighting will be and the more comfortable you'll be in front of the camera. 

Twinning Isn't Winning -  When it comes to coordinating outfits with your significant other, think complimenting not matching.  A common accent color is great, but don't wear the same shade.  Just because you're a couple, doesn't mean you have to be identical.  

Treat Yourself - Consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done.  You've invested in having beautiful pictures taken, and a bit of makeup and dolled up hair can really add that "wow-factor" to your images.  Airbrushing gives you a flawless face and beautiful glow, and can be done to give a very subtle polished look if glam isn't your thing.  Keep in mind, you'll photograph more "natural" looking than what you see in the mirror.  My favorite trick - false lashes.  They just add such a sparkle!

Nail It - You've got some beautiful new bling to show off, so you know I'm going to be all over those ring shots!  Chipped nails won't look so hot...so make sure your hands are manicured and looking good for their close up.

Accessorize - Hats, scarves, jewelry...bring it on!  Having a few different accents to dress up or down your look can go far.  Always fun to throw in some more options!

Retailer Recommendations - You can put a great outfit together from virtually anywhere, but I love the retro, delicate and classic looks that come from ModCloth, JCrew, and White House Black Market.   

Engagement shoots are such a blast, and a wonderful way to get to know each other before the wedding!  I can't wait to work with you, capture your personalities and tell your story!