Twin Golden Hour | Joseph Whidbey State Park | Oak Harbor Couples & Family Photography

Twin sessions will always have a special place in my heart, for obvious reasons of course...and so when Katy reached out about taking some family photos with her boy / girl twins while her mother and grandmother were in state visiting, I was so excited.  #1) It gave me a chance to talk "mom of multiple" life, #2) I got another excuse to see her little ones.  (The last time I saw them was at their newborn session, and my, have they grown!) and #3) I always love getting outside and exploring with my camera.  

Katy and Kyle are rocking the twin parenting thing and have mastered all the equipment that comes along with the little ones.  So when we got a little adventurous, they took that double stroller off roading down the dirt state park paths like it was no big deal.  Love how we started out with a family session, which was followed by some photos of all 4 generations together, and then slowly morphed into a couple's session.  (And with the forest, beach and pathways, we even got a few different backgrounds to shake things up a bit.  The PNW is just amazing.  Oh!  And while we were at it, we found some Whidbey Island Rocks!)  

It's so easy to get busy with the day to day, but taking a beat to document life's different stages is something so precious to have and look back on.  Taking those images of a great-grandmother, grandmother, mom & babies all in one frame was something so incredibly special, and hopefully one day the twins can show their great-grandchildren a photo from when they were just a few months old with 3 older generations of people who adore them, and smile.