Together Again | NAS Whidbey Island Reunion | Homecoming Photography

The story of the military family is one of strength, resilience, and love.  It's one of unpredictable phone calls, trying to explain to little ones why daddy or mommy can't tuck them in at night, and count downs of days until being reunited.  It's also a story of joy.  The excitement and anticipation of being able to have a conversation face to face, the camaraderie and bond you make with your fellow military families, and the pure elation across both parent and kiddos face when finally in arms reach of each other. Deployments aren't easy, but nothing is sweeter than being reunited with the ones you care about most.  I may have gotten a little teary when these sweet little girls finally got to give their dad a hug that they've been waiting half a year for.  My heart was so full, and I loved watching their homecoming unfold.