Retro Bus Camp Out | Bowman Bay | Whidbey Island Photographer

Last night's time behind the camera made me happy...and for so many reasons.  First off, it's beginning to feel like summer here on Whidbey.  I know, I know....we're just hitting spring now, but last night the sun was out, the breeze was just right, and the air was just cool enough to enjoy the warmth of a bonfire.  Being surrounded by the beauty of the PNW is therapeutic enough by itself, but paired with a day like yesterday....ahh, heaven.  

The second reason yesterday was so fun was that the gorgeous gal in these photos is actually a wickedly talented photographer friend of mine.  Kim owns The Big Day, and when she's not jetting between Washington and Florida shooting weddings, she's spending time with her sweet family.  They own this rad bus that they've converted into a custom craftsman home on wheels, and took her out for a spin and camping trip near Deception Pass.  Along with Kim, I've met some other wonderful photographers on the island, and I love bouncing ideas, collaborating, laughing and "talking shop" with these other awesome professionals.  A few of those photographer buddies came out with their cameras last night, (thanks again for the ride Kara!) and I am honestly so excited to see their beautiful work from yesterday.  It's always so fun to see how the same event unfolding can look so different behind various lenses.  From settings, to crop, to editing style and preference, it's so inspiring watching the creative process unfold.  

Marshmallow roasting, tree climbing, campfire guitar strumming, family time and sweet baby snuggles to follow below.  For other perspectives of last night's camp out fun, be sure to check out Shaw Photography, June Bug Photography and Kara Chappell Photography.  Thanks for the company, support, laughs and light, ladies!  Lucky to know each one of you!