Walking in a Whidbey Wonderland | Snow Day in Oak Harbor

People kept saying it was going to snow all week, and I kind of wrote it off with a "sure, we'll get a tiny dusting that will melt by 10:00 am, no biggie..." attitude.  So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to a beautiful winter scene instead of the dirty slush that I had predicted.  The twins of course were pumped as soon as they looked out the window, and Enlsey was trying to put on her snow jacket and hat before she even got out of her PJ's.  So we all put our winter gear on, grabbed some Whidbey Coffe and headed to Ft. Nugent Park to put some fresh footprints in the snow.  A bunch of the neighborhood kids were out sledding and having a great time.  Love the community vibe of Oak Harbor.  And of course I brought my camera along, because rosy cheeks and red noses are totally adorable, am I right?  Being out today just reminded me how badly I need to get back up to the mountains to ski, and how I can't wait to get the girls heading down the slopes.  I'm thinking Whistler in the near future!  (As I type this, it's snowing again....hot chocolate, anyone?)