Hailey | Oak Harbor Class of 2017 | HS Senior Photographer

So I'm definitely aging myself, but I remember the days when senior photos consisted of going to a previously assigned dark studio, choosing from a variety of watercoloresque backdrops, and draping a black cloak over your shoulders (or opting for the letterman jacket) while slightly tilting your head to the side.  That was your yearbook photo.  That was it.  So how cool that these days seniors get to now choose their photographer, wardrobe, location and other touches that make their photos so personal and dynamic?  I love it!

I met Hailey for her senior session at Bowman Bay, a beautiful park with a wide range of backdrops from pier, to fields, beach and lagoons.  I had photographed there before, but Kara, my friend (and super talented photographer buddy) showed me this cool trail I'd never seen before back in the fall, and I'd been dying to go back.  Hailey was an absolute natural in front of the camera...so photogenic and beautiful!  I loved walking the trails with her and her mom, and hearing about cheer, her senior year, and upcoming college plans.  It's such an exciting time full of opportunity, and it absolutely blows my mind that my own HS graduation was over a decade ago.  (I won't tell you just how much "over" but you get the idea.)

A big shout out and congrats goes out to Hailey and the rest of the graduating class of 2017 from Oak Harbor High School.  Adventure awaits!