Thuli Family | Cliffside RV Park | Oak Harbor, WA Photography

The Thulis and Hodges go back, wayyyyy back to the good ol' days in Enid, Oklahoma at Vance Air Force Base.  We were young back then...just a couple of kids brought to The Heartland for flight school.  And those who have been to Enid know that there's just not a ton going on there.  (I'm not going to say anymore on that, just know that it's not the most "happening" spot.)  How did we stay busy and sane?  Well, for one, we started "The Finer Things Club" where we could cook a fancy dinner, listen to some classical music, and pretend we weren't in the middle of nowhere on a Friday night.  And you know what?  It was awesome.  So rad that we all actually ended up staying in Oklahoma for several more years just to hang out together.  (Ok, well maybe it wasn't JUST for that purpose...I suppose the Air Force and Navy had some hand in the decision making, but still.)  And guess what!  8 years from our original meeting, we're back in the same state again...this time, crushing it on The West (Best) Coast and loving life!  We've got twin two year olds now and they've got an adorable 7 month old son, so our "Finer Things Club" today might consist of sippy cups instead of wine glasses, and cheerios instead of steak...but you know what?  It's perfect, and I wouldn't trade a thing!  Here's to another 8 years of livin' the dream guys!