What's included with my session? -  Your investment includes the time of the shoot itself, the professional editing of each individual image, private gallery to download your images, highlight slideshow set to music, and if you’re interested; a post-session coffee date and design session where you can order fine art prints and artwork to display in your home.

What is the payment process? - There's a 150.00 retainer to hold your date that gets deducted from the total.  The rest is paid after the completion of your shoot.  Any fine art collections you select at your design session are paid at the time of ordering. 

Do you offer albums from our session? - Yes, and they are gorgeous handmade works of art made right here in the USA.  There are several different paper, cover and style choices to choose from, so we'll work together to create something uniquely you!

How long until my shoot is ready? - You digital gallery should be ready within two weeks of the session date.  Often sooner.

How long have you been a photographer? - I have been shooting on a professional level since 2010.  (First wedding was January 2010, and been loving every minute since!)  You can read more about me here.

My dog is part of our family....can Fido be in our photoshoot? - Of course.  I may look like a fool trying to get your dog to head tilt for the camera, but by golly, I'll do what it takes.

So you say you have toddlers, eh? - No fear.  I'm on a mission to make your kid laugh.  I'll dance.  I'll make faces.  I'll sing "Elmo's World" to bring out even the most stubborn smile.  I am a mom to 4 little ones, so I know the drill.  I will bring my game face, and we'll make it happen!  No shame.

What is the best time of day for pictures? - For outdoor sessions, to avoid harsh shadows and to give you a beautiful glow, we'll start about 1.5 - 2 hours before sunset.

When's the ideal time to schedule maternity photos? - You want to show off that belly, but you also want to be comfortable with a little bit of walking!  Personally I think 33-36 weeks is perfect for singleton pregnancies.  When I was pregnant with my twins, we did ours at 28 weeks.  If you're having triplets or higher order multiples, let's chat!  We may want to shoot as early as 20 weeks.  

Do you have location suggestions? - Probably too many.  Whidbey Island is pretty much my dream location, and I have a bazillion places that I'm in love with.  (A hobby // obsession of mine is grabbing a coffee and exploring the island, hunting for the most photogenic spots.  If you have a place you want to do your session at, let me know! Otherwise, I'm more than happy to offer suggestions.  Just let me know the vibe you're going for!  (Woodsy, country, beachy, it, you got it!)  

What should I wear? - First off, I'm a big believer that your photos should represent you! Something you're comfortable and confident in.  I want to showcase your personality, and for you to feel like the best version of yourself.  For family shoots, I like to steer clear of matchy - matchy, but coordinating colors look great.  Solid colors photograph better than busy prints, and rich and earth tones look gorgeous with this Whidbey landscape.  I have a few stores that I can recommend to you, and I'm happy to have a complimentary wardrobe consult to make sure you love your look!  Need some visuals?  I've created a Pinterest Board for some ideas.

What if I need to reschedule? - Kids feel under the weather, work has conflicts, things come up and life happens.  I totally understand, so you're welcome to reschedule your session once for personal reasons and your retainer will be applied to your new date. 

What if it's scheduled to rain? - Oh, Washington living!  A little mist and drizzle won't stop us (and actually looks pretty nifty in pictures!) but if it's actually forecasted to rain, we'll reschedule for a later date that works for both parties. 

Do you offer any specials or discounts? - Occasionally mini-sessions on our Facebook Page.  I also appreciate our military, so if your family is active duty, please let me know.




Are there any time limits?  - Simple answer...Nope!  When you book your wedding with J Hodges Photography, you reserve the entire day.  Whether you have us stay for 5 hours or 10 hours, the price is the same.  Unlimited-day coverage is included in all wedding offerings and often begins when the bride is 30 minutes from being hair and makeup ready.  I designed my wedding packages like this because I want you to focus on your amazing day, and be confident that those moments will be caught, not keeping an eye on the clock to make sure your photographer will still be around to catch it all.

How would you describe your photography style? - I'd like to say "Photojournalistic with an artistic twist!"  A majority of the day I like to watch the day unfold as it would without much direction, though  I may suggest a place for you to step into your dress so you have a beautiful backdrop, or a location for a "first look" that photographs well.  That being said, I do believe"traditional" (aka "posed") photography also has a place at your wedding. Family photos, artistic couples photos, and bridal party pics are all examples of when I believe it's appropriate.  However, while I'm happy to "direct" that part of the day, my goal is to snag as many "candid" moments within that timeframe as possible.  (Laughing at each other getting into a pose, goofing off with bridesmaids, etc.) Those often make the best photos!  So long story short....I take a combo approach!

How far in advance should I book you? - Weddings in the busy season (June, September & October) generally book up fast.  Most couples schedule 10 - 18 months in advance.  If you are within a shorter timeframe, please don't hesitate to check with me about your date.

What is the payment process? - I require a 500.00 retainer and signed contract to hold your date.  The rest of the balance is due exactly one month from the wedding date.  Cash, check and credit card are accepted.

Will J Hodges actually be our photographer? - Every wedding is set to have Jennifer Hodges (me!) of J Hodges Photography as your lead photographer.

How many weddings have your photographed? - It's been a long while since I've tallied them all up, but I have been the lead photographer for over 100 weddings.

Do you always work with an assistant? - I have shot a majority of my weddings solo, and am extremely comfortable and confident doing so.  Because I want to ensure that I am personally responsible for telling your story, I don't do a "divide and conquer" method with a second.  Instead, an additional photographer offers a second perspective on the day.  In order to keep my prices affordable, my wedding package does not include a second, but the client may elect to add my associate photographer at an additional cost. All photos taken by both myself and my second will be edited by me to ensure theme consistency throughout your entire set.

How will you capture everything? - During the pre-wedding phase, I get together with clients for coffee (or even a phone session if it's a destination event) to create a custom timeline of your day.  This is a ridiculously valuable part of the process for me because it not only gives me a feel for the flow of your day, but also ensures I've budgeted enough time to capture all the special moments.  Things that affect your timeline include the time of sunset, whether or not you're doing a first look, the size of your family, and how long you've got your reception space.  We work together to create something unique that fits YOU..not a template.  Please note, this timeline just keeps me on track.  I understand things don't always go 100% as planned (people are late, hair takes longer than expected, etc.) so I will quickly and quietly adjust the timeline on the backend.  

How many wedding images should I expect? - This depends on a number of factors including length of wedding, locations, etc, but you should expect at minimum 500+ digitally edited images.  (Often times 600-900.)

Do you offer wedding albums? - Yes, and they are gorgeous handmade works of art made right here in the USA.  There are several different paper, cover and style choices to choose from, so we'll work together to create something uniquely you! 

How long will it take to get my pictures? -  Since we edit each picture individually, it will take anywhere from 3-5 weeks to complete your entire gallery.

Do you have backups? - I have backups FOR my backups.  Extra flashes, camera bodies, lenses, batteries...all professional Nikon equipment.  When I get home, your images are immediately backed up to my computer, and two external drives.  My husband calls it paranoid.  I call it being prepared.

Do you have any references we can check? - Ah, you’re doing your homework....we appreciate that!  Picking a wedding photographer is a huge decision, so you’re smart to research!  We have a testimonials page on our website, but you can check out our other reviews at our listings on and for more feedback.